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Free Essay on My Favourite Book Title. Prefiguring science and ethics. Prefiguring science and ethics. Epicurus is a key figure in the development of science and scientific methodology because of his insistence that nothing should be. Epicurus is a key figure in the development of science and scientific methodology because of his insistence that nothing should be. In short, the Holy Quran is not only for an individual or nation but is.

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Alison Jones was my favourite teacher. She taught me Poetry, English and Music at Rabaul Primary School in Papua New Guinea in 1969 and 1970. Alison had recently graduated from Teacher's College in Australia. She was newly married and seeking adventure in a tropical paradise. She was young, attractive and sexy. Alison also taught me folk guitar and encouraged me to sing. Her passion was infectious and through her I developed a life-long love of the English language and music. Alison lives in the Blue Mountains in NSW and we are still friends. She is in her sixties and I'm in my fifties. I hope we get to play guitar and sing together again one day.

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The teacher who had the biggest impact on my life was Mr O. For reasons that will become apparent I've changed names in my submission.

When I started high school I was continuing a trend of being a terrible student, disengaged with a long track record of violent behaviour and academic failure. I was also in residential care. It was universally agreed by the school that I was stupid and in year 7 I was placed into the 'special class' for kids who couldn't learn anything other than how to throw chairs out the window.

In year 8 Mr O became my maths teacher. Like all other subjects I'd failed to grasp even the basics of maths. Mr O had a different approach. He simply set me problems and asked me to solve them. Then we would talk about how I'd done it. It was the first time any teacher, any adult, had taken the time to help me actually learn something. I would stay after class to talk through the problems, and devise elaborate, confusing techniques for solving them.

Mr O regarded me with kindness and respect. He told me I was different, and that I had a good brain. He told me that as long as I could control my anger and frustration I'd do well in life.

I now teach myself - maths at one of Australia's largest universities. I was in my twenties before I went to university, and I had some missteps along the way, but I got there in the end. It was, in part, because of Mr O.

You could ring him up for a heartwarming catch up like I heard on the show, but he's dead. I saw him die. He was wheeled out of one of the school buildings with the plastic bag he'd placed over his head still hanging from his collar. He was unconscious but still alive. He died about twenty minutes later.

It soon emerged that Mr O had been having sex with 14 boys, ranging in age from 12 to 15. He picked on boys with no fathers, boys from troubled backgrounds, of which there were no shortage at my school. He would groom their mothers, and then the boys themselves. My best friend, Andrew was in residential care too, and in Mr O's class. He is thankful to Mr O for something else - as well as being a predator, Mr O was a prodigious racist. Andrew was black. He believed that this removed him from danger.

Mr O taught me maths. He also taught me the duplicity that humans are capable of. Until I met him I'd only known a kind of blunt, violent evil. Mr O was kind and loving, and completely inured to the kind of damage he inflicted on his victims. After he died the police found his will. He'd dedicated all his possessions and assets to one boy, his favourite.

If you ask me who was the most influential teacher, the one who had the biggest positive impact on my life, it was Mr O, a kind, caring, clever and devastatingly evil paedophile.

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