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My favourite teacher :. I actually enjoyed going to the lessons, and the essays and creative writing pieces (out of class) were. My favorite teacher essays - original researches at reasonable costs available here will turn your education into delight experienced writers.

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THINK BIG – these words were the first thing I noticed when I walked into the Grade Five/Six combined Classroom back in 1972. These words were written in large letters on the blackboard of my small Catholic Primary School in Ballarat
My favourite teacher was Sister Anna Gaha of the Loreto Nuns. Sister Anna was such a breath of fresh air. She had wonderful ideas, was creative and taught with such passion and fun. Me, I was a complicated, confused and rather self-centred little girl. I was an average student with a kind heart, but a large chip on my shoulder. She taught me for two wonderful years in which I tried to play the victim but patiently and with humour she managed to pull me into line and make me feel worthy. (Many times in later life I played the victim role but always to fall on my face and remember Sister Anna’s words and actions.) When you are the only non-Catholic and only Greek student in the School, it’s not easy finding identity and a sense of belonging. Sister Anna gave me a sense of belonging at that time.
In those years all the students would be graded from 1 to however many students were in the class. At the end of the year the student that was number one would always get a prize. In my last year of primary school, Sister Anna thought that every student should get something. We all received a wooden looking plaque with an image of Mother Mary in silver on the front. On the back Sister Anna’s hand written message. The top students were still acknowledged but at least we all left with a reminder of our school years.
Over the years I often think of Sister Anna. I have followed her via the internet and been impressed with her work and achievements. She continues to teach me by example. The last I read, she was working with indigenous students in Broome. I don’t know if she remembers me but she still guides me till this day.
Eventually I worked out what Sister Anna was trying to teach us when she wrote THINK BIG on the Blackboard. It is not about power or money. It’s about purpose. I still have that memento from school and every time I find it, it reminds me to strive for something bigger.

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My favourite teacher was Ken Apthorpe. He taught Geography at Bega High School in the late 1960's.
Ken brought the physical world alive for me. I was from the city and landed in Bega with my family and while surrounded by the country I didn't realise what was happening around me until he opened up my mind to the processes which were at work.
The book "Coastal Landforms" by Bird that we used was a revelation.
He taught me to use a geological hammer.
He actually enjoyed finding things out with you on excursions.
I remember he tried to build a big glass tank to simulate river geomorphology, but it leaked a lot- he was hands on and was always trying to find new ways of getting ideas across.
He was a very relaxed teacher and had a great sense of humour with the class. I remember on a geological excusion one of the boys tried to trick him by asking what the "rock" specim he had just picked up was. Ken calmly responded "Carey, I think you will find that that is a piece of housebrick" Everyone laughed and kept looking for rocks. But when we found something interesting he would astound you with his knowledge on what the specimen meant about the history of the area.
He was very approachable if you wanted to know something. He took you seriously and gave you a straight answer.
Strangely he was also a good disciplinarian. He absolutely crushed troublemakers in class by explaining to the class what they were doing and calmly and dircetly challenging them to wake-up to their behaviour. It worked without any animosity.
His power as a teacher was that he offered you the opportunity to know as much as he did and more, if you just worked at it. He was encouraging you and helping you to be as excited about things as he was.

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Free Essays on Essay On My Favourite Fruit Words 100 To 150. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30 Essay On My Favourite Teacher An essay on My Favourite Teacher. Narrative Essay – My Favorite Teacher. In high school, my favorite teacher was a large man called Mr Scott. Essay on My Favourite Teacher Rohit Agarwal. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes.

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My favourite, most inspirational teacher and lifelong friend is Ros Parkes, recently retiring Brisbane Principal with a lateral-thinking gift for reviving and re-inventing the purpose and "life blood" within each challenging school community she tackled with her genuine care. Ros is a petite, stylish woman and the wisest, most creative role model- she was my Home Economics teacher at Kenmore High 1995-97- we looked forward to each lesson- her teaching style was so uniquely exciting and transformative in unlocking our creative minds. Ros has given her life to education and has had a profound influence on thousands of lives- she helped me during the toughest times of my life and helped me find my direction of the past 33 year career as a devoted Home economics teacher. Ros Stokes, later known as Ros Nattrass and now Ros Parkes is a professional, intelligent, caring, deep thinker and took the time to relate to each individual student for who they were and sought to inspire and encourage us to open our minds, to think creatively and follow our passions. Nothing was impossible! Ros is so highly respected- she saw our potential and helped us believe in our worth to grow as confident, contributing people in society. Thank you Ros!

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