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The colors in that first photograph are just magnificient. I hope our trees are that colorful this year in IL. Autumn is hands-down my favorite season.

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---------------------------Let me talk about the summer, which is my favorite season.

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Fall was my mother's favorite season, and every year when it rolls around it creates a flood of memories and reminds me of the beautiful person she was.

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Fall is also my favorite season because you can stay inside and snuggle. You can get to bed at 7pm without hearing any noise. It gets dark earlier. The cold represents the warmer season. The leaves are also very beautiful and colorful.

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- when that season is
- what the weather is like at that time of year
- how that season is different from other seasons
- and why it is your favourite season.

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When I was younger we called them "tree stars" from the movie "Land Before Time" and to this day they are my favorite trees when the season changes.

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Fall is my favorite season. All the leaves from the trees and plants change into multi-colored works of art and fall away. It creates bare, and vulnerable branches, revealing the true scenery underneath.
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1/12/2008 · My favorite season is winter

Winter is my favorite season. Everything extraneous falls away. The view becomes clearer and I can see my neighbor’s house. Winter is a time of dying.

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Fall is definitely my favorite season. It is the most comfortable weather for me. The winds are just right and the air is scented with falling leaves and earthy pumpkins and squash. Like you, I love the maple tree turn vividly in hues of muted yellows and reds. Materially, I look forward to this season because this is the time of the year that I truly shop for next year's summer stuff and other things on Black Fridays. Like you, the fall is the start of frequent family gatherings. Still, it is relaxing ... The smell of coffee brewing is more intoxicating at this time, so with hot cocoa, served with a bit of peppermint and mini-marshmallows. I also love Fall because of Thanksgiving. This is a breathtaking hub, I could go on and on why I love Fall. Thanks!

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winter is without a doubt my favorite season

All summer we hear people complaining about the heat, because we’d obviously much rather be freezing our asses off to the point that we can’t even feel how cold we are. I mean, who wouldn’t pick going out in these below-freezing temperatures over going to the beach on a hot summer day?? Vacations are so overrated. There are so many great and under appreciated things about winter, like snow days. (Although when was the last time we had one of those?) Here are some of my other “favorite” things about the winter season.