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I reckon a Pretty good effort all round, what Riley says about never learning it all is so true I have spent my entire life sailing and commanding commercial ships and you can still learn something most days if you are honest with yourself and I’m pretty old now.
PS to Riley only I have been with the same bodacious girl since 1970 and they are a lot of work but it’s worth it, she looks like a keeper be flexible and enjoy your life’s together.
PSS Your right under 40 feet is so much easier to operate everywhere.

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To take the second point first. In THE MACHIAVELLIANS, Burnhaminsists that politics is simply the struggle for power. Every greatsocial movement, every war, every revolution, every politicalprogramme, however edifying and Utopian, really has behind it theambitions of some sectional group which is out to grab power foritself. Power can never be restrained by any ethical or religiouscode, but only by other power. The nearest possible approach toaltruistic behaviour is the perception by a ruling group that itwill probably stay in power longer if it behaves decently. Butcuriously enough, these generalisations only apply to politicalbehaviour, not to any other kind of behaviour. In everyday life, asBurnham sees and admits, one cannot explain every human action byapplying the principle of CUI BONO? Obviously, human beings haveimpulses which are not selfish. Man, therefore, is an animal thatcan act morally when he acts as an individual, but becomes immoralwhen he acts collectively. But even this generalisation only holdsgood for the higher groups. The masses, it seems, have vagueaspirations towards liberty and human brotherhood, which are easilyplayed upon by power-hungry individuals or minorities. So thathistory consists of a series of swindles, in which the masses arefirst lured into revolt by the promise of Utopia, and then, whenthey have done their job, enslaved over again by new masters.

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I’ve enjoyed your vids, the book, and Elayna’s singing. You guys have a great life. I’ve been dreaming of being a live aboard for years and hopefully have my sailboat by end of summer. Thanks again and keep safe

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First and foremost; Thanks guys. What you’re doing is inspiring me to reconsider an old dream and lately I have been looking hard at Yachtworld and sailing away. Regarding the book; I really appreciate the insight and points you make. While not taking it as gospel, it puts the big issues into a frame that is relevant to those who are have not had a 100 year old sailing course driven into their heads. You both have a great thing in your hands, adventure, media, and a intriguing style to convey it. Thanks

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Thanks for rekindling my enthusiasm to go sailing ! I qualified some years ago with the theory part and in someways with the practical (dinghies) but you two take it to the next level . I can’t wait for your next adventure on board the cat ! Keep up the good work .
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Thanks guys for the book!
I’m sure you know the pop up email capture is not working, I used the direct link Elayna gave out … but you may want to fix this asap, a great way to gather emails from your fans so you can stay in touch with them going forward… like when you create a online course about how to do what you do… that would be awesome and save all of us a ton of time and mistakes…. Cheers!

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Thank you guys for this precious handbook! I did enjoy reading it and I really see it as a living document. I would strongly recommend that you keep adding content to it, as you go. I wish you all the best for the next leg of your journey together.

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Although I am not a sailor, I enjoyed learning what was included in the sailing guide. It helps me to more fully understand and enjoy watching the videos. Cheers!