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My favorite teacher was Germaine Greer at Meriden Girls School,Strathfield. 1960. I was a Boarder and very shy. She had and still has, a great love of English and History. Her teaching style was very dynamic, she explained things enthusiastically and encouraged us to be analytical with the texts. Better still, she mostly lived in and had to take her turn with supervising our daily activities in the Boarding House. We learnt a lot about "life" and she was a great ally of the older girls. In fact she was not a lot older than us Seniors, having just completed her BA. I think this was her first job after Uni. Later I was amazed and excited when "The Female Eunich" was published.

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I recently went to my 30 year school reunion and was pleased to see my Art teacher Mr Simpson. As we talked about i came to a realisation. Twenty years earlier with a brand new baby my patner and I took on the challenge of taking our baby out into the world for the first time. We chose to take her to the Qld Art Gallery because that was where we felt safe for our first babe in arms outing. Our daughter is now studying a Bach of Fine Arts and we often joke her artistic bent is due to her first outing into the world - which of course was her first of many gallery outings. But the first person to take me to an art gallery was my art teacher Mr Simpson. I have him to thank for awakening a love of art for me, but more than that my daughter has him to thank too. The influence of inspiring teachers flows down generations.

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My daughter's favourite teacher at St John Anglican College is Mr John Bellas! #myfavouriteteacher. His way of teaching makes my daughter learn in a relaxed, efficient and effective manner. She always comes home happy and raving about him and continue to do her best so he would be oh so proud of her... He just does not stop helping and challenging kids with their school work, Mr Bellas also finds time with his busy schedule in providing support to parents like me on how we can further help our children do better at school. We are very grateful that our daughter had the opportunity to have Mr Bellas as her teacher, her friend and one of her inspirations!

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I'm sure you'll have listeners who'll agree - Benjamin Taaffe is a very rare and wonderful bird! He was my English teacher at Ascham. Like all great teachers, his teaching went beyond the subject matter and into the realm of life itself. He was passionate and exacting about English and instilled in me an appreciation of modern Australian literature and Shakespeare alike. But more than that, he gave one the sense that all children in his care had some ability and that it was self-evident everyone would strive to do their best. I arrived at the school shy and lacking confidence, half way through Year 9, aware that my earlier schooling had left me well behind my new classmates. While some teachers were surprisingly lacking in empathy, Ben took time to help me recover the ground I'd lost. He was non-judgemental and encouraging in a very decent, respectful way. He helped me believe in myself while I was at a very fragile age. I learnt as much from him about compassion and methodical work as I did about Johnno or The Merry-go-round in the Sea. I feel very fortunate to have been one of his students. I hope he's aware of the impact he had on generations of sensitive souls. He should feel a great sense of satisfaction. He really did find his vocation.

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So lovely to read this about a teacher. I am a primary school teacher and was also taught by Sister Anna Gaha at Loreto Normanhurst in 1975. What I remember is her compassion and the fact that she was so relational with her students. Two things that I strive to to achieve all these years later with the students in my class.
Thank you Sister Anna.

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My favourite teacher in high school so far has been Sheri Bird. Sheri was supposed to fill in for my Advisor for 3 days and ended staying about 3 school terms. I enjoyed talking to her as much as I enjoyed talking to my friends at school, and I looked forward to having conversations with her during the day. Sheri helped me develop my artistic skills and was always willing to go extra lengths to help me see my potential. She was a role model I could trust and speak to about issues honestly, and she always had something nice to say about everyone. We had lots of things in common and she could always teach me new things about whatever I was interested in. She's lively, compassionate and young at heart, our class admired her so fondly.