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My favorite color is blue because blue can encompass a lot of emotions ! Blue can mean your calm/relaxed, sad/depressed, peaceful, and sometimes even authoritative. Blue is an extremely attractive color and it is one of the primary colors that make up all the other colors you see now ! Blue is an appealing color and doesn't necessary bother the eyes, in fact, studies show that when a person is eating food from a blue plate, it helps with losing weight because the color does not do anything to enhance the appealing qualities of the food you're eating!

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I love blue and green I guess I really like and appreciate all colors but when it comes to clothing prefrences, those are some of my favorites.

My favorite color is dark blue because I don't like bright colors and this color suits me and this is the best color.

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I was lucky enough to be at Eleebana PS in the 1960s. Two teachers (and for most of the time I attend there were only two as the school had only 2 classrooms - K-2 in one and 3-6 in the other, separated by a small space in-between occupied by the staff room, office and "Gestetner" room - good grief remember them???).
My favourite teachers were Mr Lovelock and Mrs Snedden. Mr Lovelock came as a new principal and set about revolutionising the place. He printed all his own spelling and "activity" books (run off on the Gestetner), installed a maypole around which we happily danced in searing heat using ribbons featuring the sport's teams colours - yellow and red. He made learning fun, was strict (I was often sent outside for misbehaving) and we had a kind of love/hate relationship but now I remember him with so much fondness and admiration for the way he turned our little school into a vibrant, interesting place to learn.
The second teacher was Mrs Sneddon and she did lots of craft. We made pineapple shaped string-holders from plastic tubing, stocking dryers using cardboard rolls and face washers and wine bottle vests with ribbon and felt. It was totally awesome. Not only that, we had a beehive in the room, wedged in the sash window, and we would come into school every morning and look through the glass for the queen.
It was a beautiful place and I can't imagine too many sad memories from anyone attending.
45 years later and I'm teaching there myself now, my children have been students and it is still, after all these years an incredible place to be. I feel so lucky, lucky, lucky.
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1 Jan 2012 Blue is known as Essay Colour Blue the coolest colour. The reason blue is my favorite reason is that of all the colors in the spectrum blue compliments almost all

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As with many stories, my favourite teacher inspired me to follow my passion- and I ended up teaching.

Sue Lay, English teacher at Ararat Community College. I was a young and precocious reading fanatic when I had her in year 7. She allowed me creativity and encouraged a deeper level of analysis of a text than I had realised possible. The school was tough and there were many disengaged students, yet still her humour and passion for literature and education shone. Doing VCE English Lit in year 10 with the students in year 11 helped me realise that the world was bigger than the classroom or school or town. She introduced us to Sylvia Plath, Shakespeare and even let us complain about getting through Hard Times. I often still think of her jokes...

I went on to study English at university, completing with first degree honours. I loved Melbourne and the big city, but always felt a pull to "give back" to the community in regional towns. I ended up doing teaching. Just like Ms Lay, I try to encourage the wonder of literature. I've only had a few moments in my short years teaching where kids who "hate" reading end up with their nose in a book and it just warms my soul.

Very proud of the education I had with Ms Lay!

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Our class of 32 girls did year 8 and 9 at Brighton High School in 1956-7. We have regular reunions most of us keep in touch. I contacted a few of the girls re your favourite teacher project. We all agreed that our favourite teacher was Mr Thomas our Arts teacher. Some of the comments I got in reply to my email were:
It was Mr Thomas, and we were all in love with him as well. As well as the art classes he gave us a wonderful taste of the history of art which I’m sure has stayed with us all these years.
our favourite teacher Mr Thomas, he really was great, for me his History of Art class was most inspirational and thats probably why I still have such an interest in it today.
Mr. Thomas is correct – no idea of his CHRISTIAN name. We also had Mr. Cantlon as an art teacher..
I love Radio National so I will listen out for it.

You are right about Mr Thomas being an inspiration. Most of us seem to have a real love of art and enjoy going to exhibitions etc and don't forget Hannah Jablonski and Caroline Fells became very good artists too.
We had an art teacher who we all were inspired by, Mr. Thomas. Most of us went on to follow art either by collecting it or just appreciating it.
Thankyou Mr. Thomas,
Lesley Jackson,
Portland Vic.