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When I was in Year 2 I found out that Mrs. Turkington, the school's scary assistant principal was destined to become my Year 3 teacher. From day one I was terrified, but not enough to stop chattering in class. Pretty soon I was called up to the teacher's desk and got a whack on the hand with a ruler. The 60's were harsh. But what I also got was a heart to heart talk; a clear message that she believed in me, and that she was there to help me. For the first time in my life a person, an adult, who probably knew what she was talking about, told me I was smart, that I could do better and that she had high expectations of me. She told me she was there to support me and she followed through with extra time spent with me one on one. She told me she was going to teach me things she had learnt in Germany, the new maths and advanced math too. I listened, I attempted more challenging tasks, I gained in confidence and I stopped chattering (well mostly). I discovered that I enjoyed learning but strangely over the next few years I found that I didn’t have to learn anything new in maths until I got to high school! I went from a C/D grade student without focus or ambition to a kid who got As and Bs. You know they say students who are A graders end up working for students who are C graders. And those who get Bs become teachers. And I did. Thank You Mrs. Turkington formerly of Vale Park PS.

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Malcolm Donnelly was my Art teacher. A gentle man with a penchant for the well timed joke, working against a tide of endemic disengagement. He absorbed my tales of domestic static with bottomless compassion, lightening my load with a quick quip. Above all, he modelled humanity, sharing his frustrations about funding cuts, sharing his vulnerabilities and strengths. Mr Donnelly's humanity, and his choice to share it taught me that a good person who does a good job does not have to be ingenuine, inaccessible or perfect, that life is both brilliant and disappointing. That it can be successfully navigated and that every day is an opportunity. I have taken this into my own classroom for the last ten years. It has served me and mystudents well. Hats off to 'The Don'.

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My favourite teacher was Kevin Stead - my Society and Culture teacher for the HSC in 1995/1996, in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Apart from teaching a subject I was innately drawn to, Mr Stead seemed to have a quiet belief in me that I truly needed at that point in my life. I could question and challenge to my heart's content in his classes . I know his style of teaching didn't suit everyone (he loved a bit of dictation!), but it suited me. There was one incident in class when Mr Stead asked me something about my Dad's profession. I blushed crimson and responded that my Dad had died when I was 6. At lunch, Mr Stead tracked me down and privately apologised for his mistake, as it had clearly thrown me. I appreciated that acknowledgement. I went on to complete degrees in Social Sciences and in Teaching (the first in my family to go to Uni) - I think Mr Stead probably had quite a bit to do with that.