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The author claims that women are better at empathizing with people different from themselves because they’ve had to do it for so long due to all the authors being white men. So, all I am asking is that Rebecca Solnit ask herself two questions:

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“A fantasy run amok” — for Humbert. For Lolita, it is a nightmare that never seems to end. The key issue is that the focus is on the fantasy and the nightmare is utterly ignored or downplayed.

essay on my favourite player saina nehwal in hindi

no i am unconcerned that she has a different view point up until her peers cover for a rapist and sexual harasser apparently. I mean if your gig is finding rape everywhere, this is low hanging fruit. my point is that it is too obvious to identify with the characters. identify with the person listening to HH in therapy. to me that is the best way to read the book. I still say the book is allegorical. some folks in the professional literature business call it satire. I think of it as something writen by a russian in america uncomfortable with how america moved on from the war. I do think perhaps this could be a revenge novel. I mean it was better to be in America than living in the final throws of Stalin’s purges. As I said I understand people identify with Lolita. I have no problem with people who choose to do so. I have a problem with declaring that this book must be satire and nothing else. about raping a child and nothing else. i think it’s ahistoric and counter to prevailing research to label Lolita a child and thus HH a pedophile. we have a fairly modern construct and yes i believe in age of consent laws, but i am not unaware that teens present different people with arousal than children do. that people who are psychologically healthy can have this as a fantasy. that people can actually test their capacity in this regard which may be one allowable interpretation. I think it comes down to for me. the audience is cast in the novel as the therapist. If you want to scream at the man for doing what he claims to have done, and the way he deals with it, and how he describes it, that is fine, that is probably what inexperienced poorly trained therapists do or want to do. I think if you play your role you do something more with the information provided.

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I am a good player. Hence I take part in all the outdoor games. Each one has his own choice. Some like hockey, others like football, while many others consider cricket to be their best game.

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The amygdala, an almond-shaped structure in the centre of the brain, is closely linked to fear. Brain-imaging studies in humans show that the amygdala is activated when the person experiences fear. Stimulating a certain part of the amygdala with an electrode induces a state of intense fear. Animals, including ourselves, whose amygdalas are damaged do not show normal responses to danger and seem unable to be afraid when placed in dangerous situations. The amygdala is implicated in other emotions as well.
Do cats (and other higher animals) have feelings? Can they respond emotionally?

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“Buahhahhaa, it was a joke, you just can’t take a joke” is a standard response in a bigot repertoire when real arguments have run out. I have heard this oh so many times coming out of a nazi mouth in my own country but am a little surprised to find this move in Lithub context.

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Then let me be more specific. White men, as a group, have the largest share of privilege, with varying levels of privilege as individuals within that group.

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The limbic system is the part of the brain associated with many emotions; experiments show it is active when an animal or person is frustrated while damage to that area produces aggressive-impulsive behaviour. In evolutionary terms, the limbic system is an ancient part of the brain and is not exclusive to humans: animals have emotions, but only humans rationalise those emotions and agonise over their feelings.