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When I tell people that my book is called Yellow is my Favourite Colour, a goodly percentage of them reply ‘And is it?’ For the record, yes it is. Yellow is Judy Horacek’s favourite colour. So of course I wanted yellow to have a starring role, but I also wanted the book to celebrate all the other colours as well. Like These are my Feet and These are my Hands, this book started life as a little rhyme that popped into my head ‘Yellow is my favourite colour, I like red too and also blue’. It goes through all the colours of the rainbow, with the unscientific addition of pink – because how could you have a colour book aimed at small children and not include pink?

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My favourite colour is blue because there are lots of different kinds of blue.

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I don’t know quite what the significance of the colour is, but I find it a really attractive hue. In nature, I love a clear blue sea, or the complex blues of a sky. Moody grey blue before a storm, dark midnight blue at dusk or bright blue littered with fluffy white clouds on a summer day. As a child, I pronounced at an early age that blue was my absolute favourite colour. I think I did it partly to be different, most girls were expected to like pink but I wanted to dissociate myself from that and stubbornly declared a preference for blue, traditionally a boy’s colour. We used to go for walks from my first school in a big crocodile of children. We each held on to a coloured ribbon that was attached to a long piece of rope, accompanied by two teachers, one leading at the front of the rope and a second walking at the back of the line to keep us all safe. My classmates would fight for the pink ribbon, but ‘my’ blue one was always free. That helped me feel an affinity for the colour from when I was very young.

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I am not quite sure how my fascination started growing on green colour but I guess I started liking this colour as I had spent my childhood in an area where green was the most dominating colour. This was the colour of nature and I was surrounded by the beauty of nature. I noticed in my childhood that green is the colour for living and yellow and red means dying, specifically for the trees and plants I had. Maybe this idea influenced my preference of colour. Maybe this choice is not directly related to any of my experience and reflected in a later stage as part of my individuality and personal preference. Whatever is the reason, I guess Green is a colour of profound importance and is my favourite colour.

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I’m not sure I have just one favourite colour, but if you insist on making me choose I know which one it would be. I’m going to tell you what it is, why it is significant and as far as I can how it is I started to like it. I’ll try and explain why I like the colour so much, but that might be hard to do – liking a particular colour is, after all, a very personal thing.

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