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A cool, crisp breeze with just a tinge of warmth brushes face. The pearl-grey sky and sound of leaves twisting and twirling – I watch as

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home. I began to progress and my instructor began teaching me how to jump. The first time I have to admit was rather terrifying, but as I came over my fear,

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What really strikes me is the conclusion : there is more happiness in giving (to the world or society) than there is in receiving (wether it be money or a high ranking among ‘peers’).
Funny to see this old wisdom still holds true today (the quote above is from Acts 20:35, written about 2000 years ago as an acclaimed quote of Jesus).

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I agree that it’s not just about achieving a lot, your goal matters too. If you’re running somewhere, does it matter how fast you ran if you didn’t know the direction?

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Great article, needed to read this, have been concerned about my wasted time for a number of years now. Good thing for me is I have fairly clear goals, my challenge is building up my energy to achieve them, feels like I’ve got a lot to overcome before I properly start, but I reckon I’ll get there.

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Rahul: wow. Excellent thoughts, writing and analysis. While the ideas and experiences resonated deeply for me (I’ve gone through much of this process as I moved into my 30’s) the writing is what really got me. Way to communicate yourself and your ideas. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi Rahul, I really liked this essay. If you have not read him already, may I recommend a book by James Carse titled “Finite and Infinite Games”? The ideas from that book struck me in the same way that your essay did; the vision is of life as a field of play and possibility stretching to infinity, rather than of a game terminated by winning ..

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I think you really conclude the blog with right question – what do you want to see yourself grow into – which I believe is very difficult question to answer.

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Just like we don’t know what Caesar or Alexandar had in mind, don’t get carried away by Rahul’s thoughts too !
He has something in mind, he is in his situation, he realized these things at this point of time.
We are in some different situation, we think something else, so we must be finally doing that which we like and eventually this is what is going to happen.
So, just don’t blindly make Rahul’s ideas a role-model.