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The 10pm deadline has prevented people from all this. I am not against the deadline, but I feel that the 10pm deadline is too early. The average working man comes home by 9pm and by the time he reaches the dandiya venue, most of the rounds have been completed and he hardly gets time to enjoy. One should at least allow people to dance till midnight at least. Dandiya these days is not like it used to be before, even those who come for it cannot enjoy it fully, and as a result it is losing its charm year after year. Take this year for instance, there are hardly any Navratria™s in the city, and people are also losing interest because of this.a� Falguni Pathak spoke to Apurva Bhatt

My Favourite Indian Festival Navratri

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Aryan Vaid My most memorable Navratri was the first time I went out to this Navratri with this girlfriend of mine when I was about 17. I think it was the Sankalp Navratri at Juhu, behind Chandan Cinema, where Adesh Srivastava used to play at that point in time. That Dandiya was organised in a big way. I remember that was the first time I went out and I was there for a really long time and every song and every moment there was like a sweet memory, although Ia™m not with that girl anymore. But Dandiyaa™s for some strange reason takes me back to that memory especially when I hear those Dandiya beats.

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Amaar Upadhayay Being a Gujarati, Navratri is one of my favourite festivals. My most memorable Navratri was during my childhood at Kandivli. We used to have Navratri celebrations where eight or ten buildings used to get together and hold Dandiyas. As a child you feel so good that you dona™t go to school for nine or ten days and dance the whole night. I used to feel very proud during at that time because my father used to sing at Garbas and nobody elsea™s father did that. Nowadays, you cana™t really have a good time because of the 10pm deadline. At that time we used to start at 10.30-11pm and end it at four or five in the morning. And on Saturday nights and just before Dassera we used to be up till 7am.

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Hrishita Bhatt When I look back, I think all my school Navratrisa™ at Jamnabai Narsee School, in Juhu, were the most memorable. I remember the school used to organise these Dandiya nights every weekend. It was held on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Spread over a weekend, they used to have three days of Dandiya and those were the most memorable times because all my friends and ex-students used to be there. So it was great fun.

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Aditi Gowritkar There are a couple of instances when I had great fun. Once I was invited as a guest to one of these clubs in Ahmedabad where they had organized Navratri celebrations. I didna™t know anyone there. But these people taught me how to do Dandiya the Gujarati way and I had a blast there. Once when I was in Medical school, a friend of mine used to stay at Kandivli. She had invited me over to her house and they had Navratri celebrations there with all the colony people where everybody had come and we really had a great time doing the Dandiya.

This celebration starts from Navratri and ends with the tenth day festival of “Dussehra”

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In Maharashtra, Mumbai is the main centre of celebration for Navratri. A large number of special Navratri events are organized in special places. However, most of these places are paid and only allowed if you have entry pass.