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John Hazlett has been an inspiration to thousands of students over three decades.

As the most energetic and enthusiast PE teacher you'll ever meet, he has motivated many a student to become professional athletes or PE teachers, or simply to live their life more actively.

But it is the way he included me, as a child with a disability, that I'd like to share.

Children with disabilities are far too often excluded, or at least given dull tasks, when it's time for physical education.

When I arrived at Laburnum PS, my family were just coming to terms with a diagnosis of dwarfism. In prep, I had my first round of surgery to straighten my legs, leaving both legs broken in plaster and me in a wheelchair for two months.

Although he had his hands full with his trademark dance exercise routines, Mr Hazlett recognised what a critical time this was for me. I loved ball sports, but he knew that if I was left on the sidelines I could lose my passion for physical activity all together.

So he pushed the school to buy some extra equipment - a small basketball ring amongst other things. Suddenly PE class lessons were planned around the kid in the wheelchair. All activities were completed sitting or racing the wheelchair.

The other students loved it, and it kept me going in the most traumatic period of my life to that point. It also gave me the motivation to play football in the winter, cricket in the summer and swim all year round.

In my recovery, at a time when physiotherapists were not my favourite people, he made sure I was kicking a balloon over and over to give me the strength I needed to walk.

More surgery in grade four prompted more amazing wheelchair-based activities.

These experiences were at least as valuable for the rest of the class as they were for me.

It was perhaps only at subsequent schools that I realised how lucky I was. The PE teachers had the right intentions, but I was often left on those sidelines.

Mr Hazlett's classes are legendary. If you meet someone who's gone to Laburnum in the past 30 years, you can bet they'll be able to tell you about Mr Hazlett, whether it's a list of his favourite songs, some of his dance moves, or a more personal story like mine.

In the lead up to my 21st birthday, I went back to my primary school to invite him to the party. He was on the basketball court, doing what he did best - inspiring kids. After 10 years without seeing me, he didn't need any reminding who I was.

"Everyone, gather around!" he said to the class.

"I've got a guest to introduce you to. This is Sammy. When he was a kid, he was just like you."

The thing is he would treat every alumni the same.

Now 29, I’m no professional athlete. But I am passionate about keeping physically active and swim marathons in my spare time.

This year, Mr Hazl

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Basketball is my favorite sport of all-time.

Mr Alan Verhagen was my favourite teacher back in the mid 90s. We recently reconnected via social media where I found he was very sick but battling it with a lot of guts.
He came into my Year 8 maths classroom in country NSW and scared us to death. He seemed an awful disciplinarian. We soon found out actually he was an inspiring softie. He was so different to anyone in Orange then and must have found it hard, looking back. But he really got me interested in maths (amazing!) and he made me feel okay about not being like everyone else. He was one of the people responsible for me pushing out and becoming the first person in my family to go to uni. I've since travelled the world and have a lovely family and job. He was an important high school influence in getting there. Thanks Mr Verhagen

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My favourite teacher: Mrs Hicks. 5th class. 1958. Each afternoon she read to us: Anne of Green Gables - Pollyanna - she wore bangles on her arms which jingled as she walked across the room - Our reward for completing all the required work in reading writing, 'rithmetic, and Greek Myths.
I don't remember what else she read but I do remember being embarrassed because I was crying - and she persuaded me not to be ashamed of being involved in the narrative.
She is responsible for my passionate love of literature.
And showed that you can be dynamic when middle aged and plump.

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My favourite primary school teacher was Kevin Channels, the teacher librarian at Mimosa Public School in Frenchs Forest, NSW. I still remember all the voices he used to put on to read us stories. He was an incredible storyteller who captured our imaginations through his vivid performances. I particularly remember him reading us Roald Dahl tales including Fantastic Mr Fox and The Twits. When I think back on his storytelling I am transported there instantly. My mum is also a librarian and saw him a few years ago and said he had cancer. I hope he's alright now. He was an amazing teacher and along with my mother instilled in me a lifelong love for stories. I wish I could see him and tell him how wonderful it was to be read to like that as a child.

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My favourite teacher was Monia Khamiss (Miss Khamis).

With exceptionally high standards, enthusiasm for her subject matter and an incredible depth of understanding of her subject matter she gave 100% 100% of the time. Her multi tasking skills were amazing and not much escaped her. She had an awesome sense of humour that could keep us amused. Not many of us in our Italian class could forget when she asked a student to conjugate the Italian verb 'cantare' = to sing. The pun might not translate well but 'io canto' I sing sort of sounds like 'I cunt' to a room full of 15-16 year olds! Put simply not the best verb to ask someone to conjugate out loud in class.

Additionally, she was, in her own unique way stunning. A fashion icon she possessed a pink leather outfit (skirt and tailored jacket), a red tailored outfit, a black tailored outfit, a blue tailored outfit... And when I asked she told me she had one entire bedroom converted into a cupboard.

She was a Lebanese born lady who having been brought up with Arabic classes in the morning and classes in French in the afternoon she migrated to Australia as a teen and spoke perfect English. She learn Italian later but somehow managed to speak it with a pretty much perfect accent. Furthermore she also was able to speak sufficient Japanese, which I believe she could also teach to a certIn level.

She was warm, understanding when your dog ate your homework and could organise for you to get out of Thursday sport when you had your periods. She once hit me over the head with a book which gave me a headache for 2 days but that is forgiven.

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I can say that my life was no less than a fairy tale. Basketball is actually one of my least favourite sports but it. Re working on a big presentation for work or school, interactive visuals always help win over an audience. The whole day I played a lot of games, danced, ate my favorite cookies and cut the biggest cake. Loopy, a free tool for making simulations, is. S good to see you so passionate.