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I was very fortunate to have had excellent teachers during my time at Mercy College Coburg. My love of Maths, Chemistry, Art and German was nurtured by dedicated and committed teachers who were passionate about these subjects.
However, in particular I would like to mention my English teacher, Miss Inez O'Halloran.
Thank you Inez for your passion and dedication to teaching, and for making learning so exciting and fun for so many students.
I know that there are many, many of Inez's students out there who would wholeheartedly agree with me.

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Ruby who had taught me English for 2 years

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I tell you these details not to brag, but to show you that what you gave me in your English classes at Oakhill -- a sense of self-worth, a sense that I was bright and could succeed, a sense that my opinions were worth hearing and sharing, as well as critical thinking skills and writing skills -- set me on a path that has given me great joy, great rewards, and beloved academic colleagues, friends and students.

So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As I wrote above, I often have thought of you as the teacher who most influenced me and as the teacher I would most like to thank. It gives me great delight to at last find you and send this message of what your teaching meant to me and how I have fared following our year together as teacher and student.

I hope that my students find me as inspiring and nurturing as I found you and your teaching, and I hope that my children are lucky enough to have one great teacher like you. I also hope that your colleagues and students at Nagle College realise what a great treasure they have!

Very best wishes


Mr Reilly replied to my letter to say: "I remain passionate about English and a letter like yours makes much worthwhile."

What a life changer he was for me and so many others!

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My favorite teacher was Tania Cowell. She taught me ancient history in senior years. Her love of knowledge for learning about ancient civilisations still sits with me to this day.

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I grew up in Hong Kong and was educated in Kei Wah Primary School. It was there that I met my favourite teacher, Ms Cheung Yuet-chun. The one thing I learned from her is to embark on self-learning. We were each required to bring a copy of a dictionary of Chinese vocabulary to class, which we would use to look up words we did not know in the textbook. This built in me a habit of being curious about what I do not know, the initiative to find out, and the technique to use dictionaries. In addition, Ms Cheung was generous to me. Coming from a low-income family I did not own a single story book. She bought me a yearly subscription of a children's magazine, for which I have been very grateful. Ms Cheung, however, left the school abruptly when we were in primary four, allegedly to emigrate to Canada. I am not in contact with her but would very much wish that she knows her kindness has been remembered.

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In 1974 I was 17 and in my last year at a Catholic girls school in Melbourne. My father was flying high on the corporate ladder and my mother was schizophrenic; something we’d grown up accommodating and accepting. I was quiet and studious and loved school. I lacked the social pizzazz of my parents and siblings so everyone was taken aback when it was discovered I was pregnant. My teacher at the time was Sister Gemma. The nuns had not long before been given the option to revert to the names they were baptised with. I think my teacher’s previous name was Sister Germaine but my memory may be wrong. She was young compared to many of the nuns and there was an innate kindness and glow about her that I particularly remember. She was a passionate educator on many levels.
During my pregnancy I was living in a house close to the school and Sister Gemma would walk down and set me essays and work so that I could pass my end of year exams. In the 1970s a young pregnant girl was a pariah; people on buses and in Doctors waiting rooms moved away from you and pinioned you with glacial condemning looks. Because of this I rarely left the house except to go for check-ups. Sister Gemma seemed to take the pregnancy in her stride and treated me normally. I have no idea how she managed the permission to come and teach me. I think her treatment of me allowed me to retain a small hidden measure of self-respect. The fact that I admired and respected her and she still accepted me made an indelible impact on me and reinforced my will and ability to survive. Unfortunately I went into labour 10 days before I had to sit the exams.
When my son was born he was put up for adoption and I was sent away. I often think it was because of Sister Gemma’s belief in me that I was able to return to Melbourne to claim my son then go back to school to finish my education. It was very tough. I had no family support and had to have a part time job to get through, taking my baby along with me – an unthinkable situation today! I won a scholarship and went on to train as a teacher. I contacted my old school soon after graduation and discovered that Sister Gemma had gone as a missionary to South America. I wrote to thank her for standing by me and promised I would strive to be a teacher of her calibre. She wrote back but the letter was heavily blacked out and to this day I haven’t been able to trace what happened to her. Her gift changed my life and today I consider my life has been incredibly rich and well lived and my children and grandchildren are my lodestones. Sister Gemma was the lynchpin in that life.

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A farmer's daughter, I attended Widgiewa Primary School from 1960 - 1966. I had various teachers but one teacher who impacted the course of my life. Ken Rothe taught me for 3 years and I loved him. The School was a one room building with a verandah in a paddock on a large sheep property in the Riverina. My father had never gone to school and was taught at home by an ageing tutor. My mother was a Sydney woman who married the country farmer. Neither had been to university. Mr Rothe said to me one day that I was smart enough to go to university. Not sure quite what that meant but feeling very encouraged - it was the beginning of my ambition to have a life outside the farming life. I went to Uni and later became a documentary filmmaker, the most recent films to be seen on the ABC were Cast From the Storm about teenage refugees and Paul Kelly: Stories of Me.

There is no sign of the school now, it having been demolished years ago. The few children are bussed to Narrandera now. I have been searching for Mr Rothe for 10 years or so but without success. I would love to catch up with him and see where his life took him and to thank him for steering me along my way.

If you could help me locate him I would so so grateful.